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This site has been online since 2018 and has evolved into a place where people can self-educate themselves in how to keeping their systems secure both at home and at work.

Security and privacy is what you will learn here, using a secure Linux distribution.

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When Microsoft released Windows10 back in 2015, it took me less than one month to discover it was not an operating system any longer. It was spyware disguised as an operating system.

Like many others I downgraded back to Windows7, but Microsoft was hell bent on harvesting user data, so they released updates, turning Windows7 into spyware as well.

Then came Windows11, with some features removed, but still it is sending your data to Microsoft.

Who is interested in your activities and data?

First in line is your ISP, logging everything you do online, then you have the BIG tech companies like Google, META, Microsoft and many others.

Next level are criminal hackers ( Black hats ) and government agencies.

Know that you are under constant surveillance:

Countries that are extreme in surveillance are members of the fourteen eyes. All these cameras and drones aren' t there for your protection, like you might think. Countries that are legalizing spyware, wanting to know everything about all their citizens as well as other countries. Who is gay, who is cheating on their wife/husband, who is an activist, who can be extorted and so on.

Some countries like Sweden are taking things to the extreme, legalizing spyware and wire-taps, planting hidden cameras etc, in peoples homes and wanting to spy-on and where possible wire-tap five (5) year olds.

Learn to protect yourself and your family members, starting right here.