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LMDE6 Linux Kernel Update 6.1.64-1

LMDE6 Linux Kernel Update 6.1.64-1.

The Linux Kernel is responsible for hardware and drivers support. Note that this update will not remove your existing kernel. You will still be able to boot with the current kernel by choosing the advanced options in your boot menu.

Please be cautious though.. kernel regressions can affect your ability to connect to the Internet or to log in graphically.

NordVPN Linux App Update V3.16.9

NordVPN Linux App Update V3.16.9.

NordVPN protects your privacy online and lets access media content without regional restrictions.
Strong encryption and no-log policy with 5500+ servers in 60+ countries. The app for Linux is CLI-only !

This update affects the following installed package:

• nordvpn

Total size: 34 MB

What's New:

Working In Brazil, Is It Easy To Find Honest Work?

Working In Brazil, Is It Easy To Find Honest Work?

Now whether you are a foreigner or a Brazilian national, you are in for a treat if you are looking for honest work in Brazil. Not so sure, Brazilians changing to digital, is a good idea, since they are leaking their citizens data worse than Titanic, when it sank.

The Swedish Police Internal Systems Down Again

The Swedish Police Internal Systems Down Again.

At the beginning of November, 2023 the police system was down on two separate occasions, all over the country of Sweden and they had no clue what was causing it. Now Nov 29th the same problems are back again.

We are experiencing some disturbances. Some systems mess up. We are investigating it, Emanuel Alvarez, press secretary at the police's national media center said.

Windows Hello Fingerprint Authentication Bypassed

Windows Hello Fingerprint Authentication Bypassed.

Security researchers was able to bypass Windows Hello fingerprint authentication on Dell Inspiron, Lenovo ThinkPad and Microsoft Surface Pro X laptops, by exploiting security flaws they found in the embedded fingerprint sensors.

Having a fingerprint sensor is convenient, but how secure is it really? Well, the security researchers at Blackwing Intelligence knows it isn't very secure at all.

Brazil's Largest Bookstore Claimed To Be Hacked 2023

Brazil's Largest Bookstore Claimed To Be Hacked 2023.

So far it is a mystery which bookstore has been hit, since the seller, which most likely is not a hacker, but more likely an insider has put it up for sale on Breached forum. It seems like Terraço Shopping in Brasilia was hit.

Seller: K3r0pp1Security
Records: 1171362

Size: 260MB.