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Disable Root SSH Login

Disable Root SSH Login.

It's not smart to allow root users to log in via SSH. It's no secret that every Linux system has a user named root.

Your server is and will always be vulnerable to brute force attacks if root can log in via SSH.

What to do instead:

Instead, you should create another user who is able to SSH login and disable root SSH login. With this solution, the hacker must calculate both the username and password.

Putty Linux - Terminal Emulator SSH

Putty Linux - Terminal Emulator SSH.

Putty is a computer program written in C for Microsoft Windows. It is used as a terminal emulator to connect to other computers - usually Linux or Unix-based - via a computer network.

Most common is that the program is used for the encrypted SSH protocol, but also the Teltext and Rlogin plain text protocols are supported.

Macchanger - MAC Address Spoofing For Linux

Macchanger - MAC Address Spoofing For Linux.

This is a tool that makes the manipulation of MAC addresses of network interfaces easier.

MAC address spoofing is a technique for temporarily changing your Media Access Control (MAC) address on a network device.

A MAC Address is a unique and hardcoded address programmed into network devices, like your NICs, set by the manufacturer at the factory. which cannot be changed permanently.

htop - Monitor Your Linux System

htop - Monitor Your Linux System.

A text-mode application (for console or X terminals) and requires ncurses.

htop is an interactive top replacement that runs in the terminal.

htop is an easy to understand monitor of system processes, running in a terminal window on your Debian Linux system, like the usage of CPU, Memory, Swap and so on.

License: GNU/GPL

Version: 3.0.5

Hardinfo Lightweight System Profiler And Benchmark Tool

Hardinfo Lightweight System Profiler And Benchmark Tool.

A tool designed for hardware analysis and report generation.

Hardinfo features comprehensive reports on system hardware and allows for the generation of HTML reports.

Simply select 'Generate Report' from the top toolbar, a dialogue box will appear allowing you to export all desired computer, device, network or benchmark results to a HTML file.

Get CPU Information On Linux

Get CPU Information On Linux.

An easy way to determine what type of CPU you have is by displaying the contents of the /proc/cpuinfo virtual file. Identifying the type of processor using the proc/cpuinfo file does not require you to install additional software. It works on all Linux distributions.

Open a terminal window and type:

less /proc/cpuinfo

Press Enter.

This command prints out each logical CPU ( Processor ) with an identifying number.

EasySSH - Remote GUI Tool For Linux

EasySSH - Remote GUI Tool For Linux.

Even though EasySSH doesn’t offer the amount of configuration options you'll find in PuTTY, it’s incredibly easy to use. One of the best features of EasySSH is that it offers the user a tabbed interface, so it is possible to have multiple SSH connections open and quickly switch between them.