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Web Browsers for Linux. Well there is no judgement here, but Microsoft threw away its own web browser to make a clone of Google's Chromium browser, called Edge. So where is the edge, ah yeah, Linux is the Edge.

TOR - Browser For Linux

TOR - Browser For Linux.

Tor browser for Linux is free software for enabling anonymous communication. It is also the best browser on the market for keeping you secure online.

The name is derived from an acronym for the original software project name "The Onion Router". Tor directs Internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer overlay network consisting of more than seven thousand relays to conceal a user's location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis.

Midori Free Light-weight Browser For Linux

Midori Free Light-weight Browser For Linux.

Midori free light-weight browser for Linux, is a free and open-source light-weight web browser.

It uses the WebKit rendering engine and the GTK+ 2 or GTK+ 3 interface.

Google™ Chrome For Linux

Google™ Chrome For Linux.

A free web browser developed by Google™ with a focus on speed and minimalism. Chrome offers fast start-up and web page loading, supports a minimalist user interface, automatically updates in the background, and offers syncing of browser bookmarks, extensions, passwords, and history between multiple computers via your Google account.

Besides this, Chrome has Flash and PDF support built into the browser for better speed and well "security" might be stretching it a bit.

Chromium Browser For Linux

Chromium Browser For Linux.

Chromium for Linux is an open-source web browser project started by Google™, to provide the source code for the proprietary Google Chrome browser. The two browsers share the majority of code and features, though there are some minor differences in features and logos, and they have different licensing.