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ABRAWEB - Brazilian Internet Professionals Association Data Breach

ABRAWEB - Brazilian Internet Professionals Association Data Breach.

Anyone who is a professional or student in the areas of web development, digital marketing, web communication, infrastructure, web design and internet business, students or professionals can be part of ABRAWEB.

At ABRAWEB, members have access to the benefits of the Membership Club and participate constantly. This contributes to their personal development and recognition of the association itself.

A "seller" that might be a hacker, calling himself Xerxes posted a for sale advertisement on a well known hacker forum, saying that a phpBB database of 200+ members of the Brazilian Internet Professionals Association is for sale.

No price has been made available and there is no information on if this leak is new or old.

The data leaked contains names, address, birthday, CPF, phonenumber etc.

A sample of the data:

Examples are edited and passwords still hashed:

"253209","Joyner Luisy Mora Pedreira","joy_luisy@xxx","7355b6a4839f477d3c261b0c88061676","400887328xx","467162311","2","29/4/1990","11015070","Rua Doutor Emilio Ribas","xx","xxA","Vila Matias","Santos","SP","13","13991474747","0","0",,"0","1","F","","7/10/2017 09:13:46"
"253210","vanessa alves de oliveira ribeiro","vanrib@xxx","495abb7a4b542c376385b33cdcc86124","297945898xx","304774145","2","9/5/1980","4210070","alfombra","xx","","IPIRANGA","sao paulo","SP","1111","25285968","111","9949894xx",,"0","1","F","","10/10/2017 11:37:18"

Another client in the leak is Marcelo Lima Webdesigner, who has a screenshot on his first page with the php code: require once('aweber_api/aweber_api.php');

Like many other sellers, Xerxes uses Telegram.


First Published 2023-03-15.

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