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AirBus Brazilian Hacker Exposes Himself In Interview

AirBus Brazilian Hacker Exposes Himself In Interview. USDoD, the hacker also active on is behind the FBI and the Airbus attacks, did an interview with in a lengthy interview, where he said that his future goals involve stealing and selling US and European military intelligence.

The hacker accessed the European aerospace giant’s site by exploiting employee access from Turkish Airlines.

The hacker holds dual citizenship in Portugal and Brazil, but currently resides in Spain.

He claims he is free to do as he pleases, with the authority of a “high-ranking official.”

USDoD was formerly known as “NetSec” on the old cybercrime forum RaidForums revived, mostly posting US military and defense contractors. He then switched to USDoD after posting FBI data on Breached hacker forum.

The threat actor does not attack China, Russia, South and North Korea, Israel or Iran.

His future targets supposedly include Deloitte, NATO, CEPOL (European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training), Europol and  eve Interpol. He has claims to have already accessed the NATO Cyber Security Defense Center and CEPOL.

The supposed end goal of USDoD is to set up a private company selling military intelligence on the dark web focusing on US and European intelligence, including classified data.

He is likely to succeed, as they rarely contract "Red Hats", which can not only destroy the hackers equipment, but also find him and end him in a way that isn't legal. Think: Native Americans: The Apaches knew how to do it the right way, make it last for hours...

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