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AMF Sweden Data Breach 2023

AMF Sweden Data Breach 2023.

AMF (AMF Pensionsförsäkring AB) works with pension solutions for individuals and companies. Traditional insurance and fund-based insurance are provided for occupational pensions, and funds are also provided for premium pensions. AMF also offers fund savings without connection to a pension.

The AMF group manages approximately SEK 600 billion in shares, real estate, interest-bearing paper and alternative assets for approximately 4 million savers. This makes the company one of the largest owners on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. AMF Fastigheter AB and AMF Fonder AB are wholly owned subsidiaries of AMF.

AMF offers you safe and simple solutions for long-term savings. We are experts in making money grow and always have low fees.

We take care of the occupational pension for approximately 4 million savers. When they stop working, the pension should secure their future and financial security. That is why we have been tasked with giving them as safe and good a pension as possible.

Leak details:

Breach date: May 31st, 2023.
Posted by: Clop (Russian / Ukrainian) ransomware ( extortion ) gang.
Download: Available via torrent, from their DarkWeb Torrent page.

Names, addresses, SSN / RG and other premium information was leaked for 186,000+ Swedish customers of the pension company AMF.

AMF just like 200+ other victims decided not to pay the ransom, so Clop has leaked their data online.

The American FBI has previously announced a reward of ten million dollars for those who can come up with crucial information about the hacker group, this after several American authorities was affected by their intrusion.

Swedish media only got wind of this August 30th, 2023.

AMF reported the attack against them to the Police, the Financial Supervisory Authority and the Privacy Protection Authority. In the notification to the Swedish Privacy Protection Authority, the company writes that the IT attack risks causing a "breach of the data subject's privacy". In addition to this, other measures have also been taken. According to

At the moment, there is only one or two Peers with this complete set of data and the METADATA will not complete downloading on any of their 200+ leaks via torrents for now.

However that doesn't mean, that the group won't invest in setting up a network of peers with seeders or make use of cloud services, but for now it is safe to say, nobody can download the data.

NOTE: Their website is vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting (XSS), and data injection attacks. They should hire someone to fix it.

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