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  • Falkon Web Browser For Linux

    Falkon Web Browser For Linux

    Falkon Web Browser For Linux. Falkon web browser is actually a KDE web browser using QtWebEngine rendering engine, previously known as QupZilla.

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Back In Time For Linux

Back In Time For Linux.

Back In Time is a simple backup solution for Linux desktops. It is based on rsync and uses hard-links to reduce space used for unchanged files. It comes with a Qt4 GUI which will run on both Gnome and KDE based Desktops.

Back In Time is written in Python3 and is licensed under GPL2.

Backups are stored in plain text. They can be browsed with a normal file-browser or in Terminal which makes it possible to restore files even without Back in Time. Files ownership, group and permissions are stored in a separate compressed plain text file (fileinfo.bz2). If the backup drive does not support permissions Back in Time will restore permissions from fileinfo.bz2. So if you restore files without Back in Time, permissions could get lost.

If you see the error message in the status bar that BIT cannot find the snapshots folder although the snapshots are visible in the sidebar and the backup process is working correctly, then you are likely to have leftovers from a previous failed backup cron job. The status bar displays the content of the file ~/.local/share/backintime/worker.message.

Thus deleting or renaming this file will remove the error message.

Back In Time isn't available in Debians repository.

This software is under active development.

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