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Published content - Brazilian Accounting Company Hacked 2022 - Brazilian Accounting Company Hacked 2022.

The FULL database of, a Brazilian accounting company with more than 700 clients from all around Brazil has been leaked online on hacker forums.

Customers included in the leak are:, different schools, churches, law firms, software developers and even IT-security companies and much more.

Some of their customers still use the same e-mail as in the leak, others have changed to new ones and some sites are offline.

What's included in the leak: All customers are Brazilian companies.

  • 1,288 customer email addresses ( some no longer work or changed and some remains the same )
  • 749 customer phone numbers
  • 14,023 street addresses
  • 24,049 employee names
  • 15,526 card number information
  • 19,663 employee birth dates
  • 71 plaintext admin passwords for different Brazilian companies.
  • Much more random information about company employees (military service, drivers license, education, birth place etc.) pretty much full doxes of a lot of people. This information is incomplete in many cases.
  • Data ranges from 2009 - 2022-09-10 and in some cases includes Complete name, CPF, RG and more.
  • IP-addresses ( login logs range from 2018-2022-09-10 ) Where last login was made from, São Paulo.
  • Hackers IP: German, but others have accessed it since 2018.


  • ctnet2.sql = 2,6GB
  • mailing_meac.sql
  • mysql.sql
  • phpmyadmin.sql

The leak is 349MB in zipped-format, but 2.8GB uncompressed.

It seems all clients are located in São Paulo.

NOTE: According to the hackers, this data had never been published before. Website

First published 2022-09-25