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Bogleboo Sweden Data Breach 2023

Bogleboo Sweden Data Breach 2023.

Bogleboo develops and maintains customized systems in the fashion industry. They have many years of experience in IT solutions for the retail industry with a special focus on the fashion industry and an extensive knowledge of the specific processes in the area.

The company has 8 employees as of 2023.

Leak details:

Hacked by: Vice Ransomware
Target: Developer using Windows with access.
Boogleboo uses: TimeLog

Personal information leaked:

  • Allente Invoice for Broadband 100MBs, TV entertainment and extra for an invoice made of paper ( means it passes via a VAN ).
  • Swedish Passports of one adult "Erika" and two children.
  • Vaccination cards: Yellow Fever vaccinations for one adult and one child ( Stamaril ).
  • Stock sales via NordNet Bank.
  • Private loans via Handelsbanken "BRF KARET" C/o Ted Jarrolf.
  • P12 certificates.
  • Invoices from DevExpress U.S based in California (AMEX card).
  • EU Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF) for Magnus Öström.
  • SAS AMEX Elite Invoices for Magnus Öström with a max credit limit of: 162.000,00 SEK.

Business information:

  • Banks SQL-databases.
  • cs files = Microsofts C# source code files leaked.
  • Fort Knox API key leaked.
  • Logos for Akana, Contour, K8, Elk and others.
  • Several databases leaked (SQL).
  • Papaver AB (Papaver AB is not a financial institution and does not conduct a so-called passive-
    income business) and is co-owned by millimi ( Org.Nº 556651-1829 )
  • Owner (legal entity) and beneficial owner for Papaver AB is Mokkor AB, who is owned by Magnus Öström ( 1977-09-25-xxxx )
  • ANNUAL REPORT 2021 in total: 1448617.15 SEK
  • Partner information: example: Maria Joelsson,
  • Time reporting leaked: "As we depend on time reporting to be able to invoice our customers, it is of the utmost importance that it is done, preferably daily. It is also important that you are accurate when you book your time so that it ends up on the right project immediately. Please double check an extra time. We do not apply overtime but instead have an extra week's holiday to compensate for any inconvenient working hours that may arise."
  • XLSX-files.
  • PDF-files
  • Partners requirements.

Bogleboo employee benefits:

     • Occupational pension 12% of salary
     • Rate card Annual membership
     • DKV Health Private healthcare
     • Give blood during working hours 4 times/year
     • Train during working hours 1h/week
     • Group training once a year autumn and spring
     • 30 days' holiday without the right to overtime compensation
     • Broadband SEK 4,800/year (SEK 400/month)
     • Literature SEK 1,500/year

It seems Mokkor AB had a revenue of 1,599 (tkr) 2022, which I assume means 1 million+.

What else leaked:

Flowcharts of:

Examples of databases leaked:

  • GalaxySecurityAttr.sql
  • Scripts GxU2.sql
  • Scripts stage.sql
  • Universal20SecurityAttr.sql
  • More larger ones saved as.bak
  • StageDB_UniversalDB_ES_UAT.bak      Size: 899486208
    UniversalDB_ES_UAT.bak                      Size:1062284288

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