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Incogni Removes Your Data From Data Brokers

Incogni Removes Your Data From Data Brokers.

Incogni is an online data removal service. It handles all data removal requests and interactions with data brokers on behalf of the user. Don't you find it annoying getting several calls every day of the week from people wanting to sell everything from socks to diapers or having 10-20 sms:es from your telephone operator.

Or some people search site listing your phonenumbers, home address, E-mail and now even more.

People search sites give total strangers access to personal information, from your contact details to interests. It exposes people to stalking, harassment, discrimination, scams, and identity theft. These sites are being used when performing OSINT on a target !

According to Amsterdam's cybercrime unit, data brokers now process stolen data from leaked data breaches to refine their records and make their databases easily searchable. Giving them better sales prospects and maximizes their profits.

"The PSS data removals should prevent you from becoming a target."

Current pricelist as of Feb 13th, 2023:

  • 12.99 USD/EUR for the monthly subscription and 6.49 USD/EUR per month for the annual subscription (single transaction 77.88 USD/EUR)
  • 10.49 GBP for the monthly subscription and 5.25 GBP per month for the annual subscription (single transaction 62.94 GBP)
  • 16.49 CAD for the monthly subscription and 8.25 CAD per month for the annual subscription (single transaction 98.94 CAD)

Here is how you can stop them from spreading your personal information!

Without your consent, data brokers gather and sell your personal information, such as:

  • Contact details
  • Addresses
  • Full names
  • Social Security number
  • Browsing habits
  • Credit score

IMPORTANT: US, UK, Canada, Switzerland and EU residents only ( sorry Brazil ).

Incogni cover all broker types, including the following:

  • Marketing data brokers.
  • Recruitment data brokers.
  • Financial information data brokers.
  • Risk mitigation data brokers.
  • People search sites.

Signing up, you will get free from:

  • Spam emails
  • Telemarketing calls
  • Increased health insurance rates
  • Targeted ads
  • Scammers
  • Identity thieves
  • Online stalking

Why can't I request my data to be removed by myself?

Well, you can, but it would take you several years if you ever were able to not get the run around, by the brokers that sell your data.

Here are three good reasons why you should signup with Incogni:

  • Incogni saves you a lot of time - it would take years for a single person to remove data from brokers.
  • Incogni has over 146 data brokers on their list
  • Incogni works in the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, and Switzerland

Now of course you need to become more self aware and not expose yourself online and is just the site for becoming more self aware.

Opt out from the data brokers today here!