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Lynis Security Review Tool For Linux

Lynis Security Review Tool For Linux.

Lynis is a security review tool for UNIX derivatives like Linux, MacOS, BSD, Solaris, AIX and others. It performs a deep security scan of your system, reminds you of the weaknesses you need to fix and give you tips and recommendations.

The program is free to use and released under GPL V3.0.

Lynis is available in Debian 11 Stable repository.

Version in repository: 3.0.2

Latest version: 3.0.9

NOTE! Lynis needs write access to / tmp (temporary files).

Lynis Version 3.0.2, runs through a terminal window and beginners are recommended to run Lynis as it is, ( with default settings ) before installing plugins.

How to install via a terminal window:

sudo apt-get install lynis

Press Enter, done.

How to install the latest release from a tarball archive:

  • Download
  • Unpack the archive
  • Set up in the lynis catalog as found under Downloads

Open a terminal window:

cd downloads

Press Enter.

cd lynis

Press Enter.

chmod +x lynis

Press Enter.

./lynis show options

Press Enter.

./lynis audit system

Press Enter.

Note: Suggestions after first run (39) on LMDE5.

Always look in the log file for alerts:


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