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Malwarebytes For Android

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software for Android, which is excellent for finding and removing malware. The software was created by Malwarebytes Corporation and is compatible with Android version 6.0 released in September, 2015 and newer.

I have tested it on Android 7.0 Nougat and it works just fine, but it says Android 9.0 or later on their download page here.

It is available as both a free and paid version.

The following languages are supported:

Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

License: Proprietary "Freemium" with paid option.

Free version:

  • Manual update of database required
  • Manual scanning of your device required.
  • Finds and removes any found Malware on your device.
  • Privacy audit of all apps installed on your device.
  • Security audit
  • Note: Updating the database manually, gives you the sense that it is not working, but wait a little bit !

Paid version adds these features:

  • Scheduled scans
  • Real-time protection
  • Ransomware protection
  • Flash memory scanner

It is very easy to use, but if you want to activate the free 30-day trial, you will need to add a creditcard or choose one of the available payment methods in Google Play™.

You can check what's been added or fixed on their app history page.

I strongly recommend you install Malwarebytes for Android and that you do a "privacy audit".

Doing a privacy check left me with a detailed list of apps that has access to:

  • Act as device Administrator 13 apps
  • Accounts 39 apps
  • Calendar 19 apps
  • Change security settings 90 apps
  • Control hardware 91 apps
  • Create shortcuts 39 apps
  • Display over other apps 84 apps
  • Download files silently 20 apps
  • Internet 205 apps
  • Install Apps 18 apps
  • Make calls & send messages 40 apps
  • Microphone access 48 apps
  • Personal data 108 apps
  • Read my messages 28 apps
  • Storage 133 apps
  • Track my location 85 apps

As you can see while performing a test on my new Samsung Galaxy running the latest Android 13, that is a lot of apps, granted access to just about everything. Not exactly privacy friendly, now is it.

Malwarebytes works perfectly alongside any Antivirus solution of your choice and it catches alot, that other AV-solutions misses as you can see from this live feed.

Bug bounty program:

Malwarebytes Bug Bounty Program offers up to $1000 USD per disclosure as of 2018, depending on severity and exploitability found in their software.

Download from Google Play

Malwarebytes website