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MariaDB For Linux

MariaDB For Linux.

MariaDB Server is one of the most popular open source relational databases. It’s made by the original developers of MySQL and guaranteed to stay open source. It is part of most cloud offerings and the default in most Linux distributions.

It is built upon the values of performance, stability, and openness, and MariaDB Foundation ensures contributions will be accepted on technical merit.

Recent new functionality includes advanced clustering with Galera Cluster 4, compatibility features with Oracle Database and Temporal Data Tables, allowing one to query the data as it stood at any point in the past.

Drupal CMS is one, that switched from mySQL to MariaDB.

Noted: More and more WebHosting businesses are changing from mySQL to MariaDB.

License: GNU General Public License (version 2), GNU Lesser General Public License (for client library)
Developer: MariaDB Corporation Ab, MariaDB Foundation
Stable: 10.6 ( Five years support ), new alpha v11.1.0 2023
Operating System: Unix, Windows, Solaris, Linux, OS X, BSD
Written in: C, C ++, Perl, Bash

For End of Life releases, MariaDB Foundation will not provide security updates, however outside contributors are welcome to submit security and bug fixes and backports to no-longer maintained versions.

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