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Max Cancels Most Shows Of All Streaming Platforms

Max Cancels Most Shows Of All Streaming Platforms.

Max (formerly HBO Max and still such outside the United States) is an American subscription video on-demand over-the-top streaming service. It is a proprietary unit of Warner Bros. Discovery Global Streaming & Interactive Entertainment, which is itself a division of Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD).

First launched (as HBO Max) in the United States on May 27, 2020, the service offers content from the libraries of Warner Bros, Discovery Channel, HBO, CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Animal Planet, Eurosport and related brands.

Every competitor has a huge online library of content, but you’re usually tempted to try one or another streamer, when they cancel shows you like.

According to AT&T, HBO and HBO Max had a combined total of 69.4 million paying subscribers globally on June 30, 2021, including 43.5 million HBO Max subscribers in the U.S, 3.5 million HBO-only U.S. subscribers (primarily commercial customers like hotels) and 20.5 million subscribers to either HBO Max or HBO by itself in other countries.

By the end of 2021, HBO and HBO Max had a combined total of 73.8 million paying global subscribers.[4][5] At the end of Q1 2022, HBO and HBO Max had 76.8 million global subscribers.

Since the April 2022 merger of Warner Media with Discovery, Inc. to form Warner Bros. Discovery, Max is one of the combined company's two flagship streaming services, the other being Discovery+ (which primarily focuses on factual programming from the Discovery brands). WBD initially announced plans for HBO Max and Discovery+ to merge in 2023, but the company ultimately chose to retain Discovery+. WBD went on to replace HBO Max with a newly rebranded service that launched first in the U.S. on May 23, 2023, shortening the service's name to "Max", introducing a redesigned user interface, and adding more Discovery content among other new series and films.

The downside is that major platforms do indeed cancel popular or expensive shows that you like, NetFlix does this often with series that are a success.

According to Cybernews: The major streamers – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Max, Disney+, Apple TV+, Peacock, and Paramount+ – had a combined average cancellation rate of 12.2%.

Max formerly HBO Max, is by far the most brutal as they even killed off "Westworld". MAX compared to NetFlix axed (26.9%) compared to NetFlix 10.2%.

Apple TV+ had the lowest cancellation rate of any platform, at just 4.9%.

Still sticking with NetFlix.



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