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MindArk Sweden Replaces Employees With Artificial Intelligence

MindArk Sweden Replaces Employees With Artificial Intelligence.

MindArk is a Swedish software company located in Gothenburg. It created Entropia Universe, a popular MMORPG-style online virtual universe. In this Real Cash Economy metaverse there are six planet partners, which manage the virtual planets Calypso, Rocktropia, Next Island, Arkadia, Cyrene and Toulan.

MindArk It is just one of Sweden's nearly 800 computer game companies, but they might be pioneers in replacing people with Artificial Intelligence.

The gaming company is now cutting 40% of their staff and replacing them with AI.

The company will instead invest in teaching "AI robots" to build the game worlds, as reported by the union newspaper Kollega.

Above all, it is the staff who are working on building the game worlds that are affected. In total, it is about 25 people, that are to be replaced.

More gaming companies might begin focusing on "development of AI-generated virtual worlds" instead, thereby creating less jobs.

Seeing as the Swedish Krona's (SEK) has lost most of its value compared to the EURO. It is more than likely that other companies will follow their lead, to be able to meet the shareholder demands to receive a dividend, otherwise they will not invest.

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