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Ranger File Manager For Linux

Ranger File Manager For Linux.

Ranger is another good choice if you are looking for a console file manager. It has a vim like interface, preview of the selected file or directory, bookmarks mouse support and tabbed view.

The goal is an easily maintainable file manager in a high level language, a quick way to switch directories and browse the file system, keep it small, but useful, console-based, with a smooth integration into the unix shell.


  • UTF-8 Support (if your Python copy supports it).
  • Multi-column display.
  • Preview of the selected file/directory.
  • Common file operations (create/chmod/copy/delete/...).
  • Renaming multiple files at once.
  • VIM-like console and hotkeys.
  • Automatically determine file types and run them with correct programs.
  • Change the directory of your shell after exiting ranger.
  • Tabs, bookmarks, mouse support...

Latest version: 1.93

Download from here if you want the latest version.

How to install via a terminal window:

This will install version: 1.9.3

sudo apt-get install ranger

Press Enter.

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