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Shotwell Digital Photo Organizer For Linux

Shotwell Digital Photo Organizer For Linux.

Shotwell is an image organizer designed to provide personal photo management for the GNOME desktop environment. In 2010, it replaced F-Spot as the standard image tool for several GNOME-based Linux distributions.

In 2019, Shotwell was the target of a predatory lawsuit by Rothschild Patent Imaging against the GNOME Foundation claiming a patent infringement related to the use of WiFi to transfer photographic images. The case was resolved through agreement in 2020 and the patent itself invalidated in 2022 following a legal challenge from the open source development community

Available in Debian 11 "Bullseye" repository.

Version: 0.30.11-1

License: LGPL-2.1-or-later


  • Import from disk or camera.
  • Organize for time-based events, labels (keywords), folders and more.
  • View your photos in full view or fullscreen mode.
  • Crop, rotate, colorize, straighten and enhance photos.
  • Slideshow.
  • Video and RAW photo support.
  • Share big web services, including Facebook, Flickr and YouTube.

For LMDE5 users, you can use the Software Manager to install the program.

How to install via a terminal window:

sudo apt-get install shotwell

Press Enter, done.

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