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SurfShark VPN Review For Android

The Surfshark VPN app for Android comes packed with safety features and has a "Override GPS location" feature unique to Surfshark, allowing you to match your GPS location to the location of your VPN connection.

SurfShark is since 2021 located in the Netherlands, a country that actively participates in the Nine Eyes and Fourteen Eyes intelligence sharing alliances.

It is an excellent choice for privacy and security minded people, plus it is cheap in comparison with other VPN's out there.

Besides this you get the possibility to unblock Netflix in several regions including, but not limited to.

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

The company merged with NordVPN in Feb 02, 2022, blog post here.

Surfshark VPN has completed two independent security audits:

  • November 2018 an audit tested their Chrome and Firefox extensions. ( PDF )
  • In April 2021 Surfshark server, VPN configuration, as well as the related infrastructure was audited. ( PDF )

SurfShark Features:

  • The network has 3200+ servers distributed across an impressive 110+ locations in 95 countries.
    All servers uses RAM-only ( No SSD or HDD )
  • No logs policy ( They do not keep logs, data, timestamps, or any other kind of information )
  • 1Gbps server ports.
  • Unlimited "Devices" and simultaneous connections. ( Stands out amongst all VPN providers )
  • P2P on selected servers ( Fast downloads ).
  • Private DNS on each server.
  • All apps employs a smart algorithm that automatically selects the optimal server and settings.
  • AES-256-GCM encryption
  • WireGuard
  • OpenVPN ( TCP/UDP )
  • IKEv2 ( Only Android )
  • Multihop - Use two different VPN servers at once for increased security.
  • Kill switch to protect you if the VPN connection drops.
  • Bypasser - Choose apps, URLs, or IPs to bypass the VPN or to use only with a VPN.
  • NoBorders mode - A proprietary solution to bypass severe network restrictions.
  • Camouflage Mode, commonly known as obfuscation, makes VPN traffic look like any regular traffic.
  • CleanWeb for blocking malware & phishing attempts. ( blocks 1,000,000+ known-malicious websites )

Surfshark Android app features:

  • Bypasser - Although I would never recommend anyone using their Smartphone for banking online. People still do this alot, especially in Brazil. Sometimes the bank blocks VPN-services, thus you can use Bypasser for the banking app or any website that blocks your VPN.
  • CleanWeb - The CleanWeb feature will keep your Android squeaky clean from ads, trackers, Malware and phishing attempts.
  • End-to-end encryption - AES-256-GCM encryption. It is automatically set to WireGuard.
  • GPS spoofing - The main goal is to override a GPS-enabled device’s original location. So you can't be tracked. Some websites or apps will ask you to provide your location via GPS to check that you aren't using a VPN. This feature is only available on Android devices.
  • Invisible on LAN - Others on the same network as you, will not be able to see you or connect with your smartphone.
  • Kill Switch - This feature disconnects you from the internet if your VPN connection drops to protect your sensitive data from prying eyes.
  • No-logs policy - No monitoring or tracking and the servers uses RAM-only ( no SSD or HDD ).
  • Private DNS & leak protection - private DNS on each server and leak protection when using IPv4 stack.
  • Protocols - IKEv2/IPsec is a default protocol on their Android app. However, you can still select to use OpenVPN.
  • Rotating IP - Automatically rotate your IP-address while you VPN location stays the same.
  • Use small packets - An option that should improve compatibility with some routers and mobile networks.
  • Battery saving feature - Although it is recommended not to use it for better performance. It works perfectly and for 36 hours on the first attempt, still left me with 20% of the battery on a 4 year old Smartphone by LG.

Requirement: Android version 5 or newer.

Note: Android users get a seven (7) days free trial

About the app itself:

Size: 51,7MB

It can be downloaded here as an .apk file or directly from Google™ Play store.

How to install Surfshark Android app:

If you choose the more anonymous approach and decide to download and install the .apk file.

Then you need to change the following:

  1. Settings
  2. General Tab
  3. Security
  4. Tap Unknown sources - Allow installation of apps from sources other than Google Play Store.
  5. Then under Tools
  6. Filemanager
  7. You find the downloaded .apk file in Download folder
  8. Double tap it to begin the installation.

Note: This might look different on your smartphone, the example above is from an LG.

Note: If you are logged in on Google, using a vpn they will still know it is you !

This is how you logout from Googles services.

Surfshark ONE features:

  • Surfshark Alert: Protect your identity. Requires you to activate two-factor authentication !
  • Surfshark Antivirus is included. Scan your device for Malware.
  • Surfshark Search: The real incognito mode for searches you don't want anyone else to see.
  • 24/7 support ( sometimes a Chat Bot, but usually real people eager to help ).
  • Earn free Surfshark - Share your link to invite a friend and if your friend stays for 30-days, you and your friend gets free Surfshark.

After learning about Surfshark One, let us move on to Settings:

Next you will want to click on VPN Settings:

This is where you should activate both CleanWeb and VPN Killswitch, like this:

Next you could change the Protocol if you want to, it will look like this:

I recommend you activate all options in Advanced Settings, like this:

  • Invisible on LAN
  • Override GPS Location
  • Rotating IP
  • Use small packets

How to enable the GPS override function:

  1. Open the Surfshark app.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Advanced Settings.
  4. Enable Override GPS location.
  5. Click Lets Go Button.
  6. You will need to enable developer options on your Android device.
  7. About Phone
  8. Scroll down until you see the Build number. Quickly tap on Build number 7 times and a message saying that you are now in Developer mode will appear.
  9. Return to the Surfshark app and tap on the arrow to proceed to the next step.
  10. Enable mock locations, open Settings by tapping the button.
  11. In developer options, scroll down until you see Select mock location app and then tap on it.
  12. In the next window, all applications that are available as mock location apps will appear. Select Surfshark.
  13. Return to Surfshark again, and you will see that the setup is complete. Tap Close.
  14. Open your Maps application and check your location. It should display your location according to the location you connect to on Surfshark.

Final note on this: It works as it should and even on the telecommunications companies, not just Wi-Fi:

Look here, I am in Colombia !!!, But then I am not really....

I am far from there....

Payment methods to choose from:

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Crypto (Coingate and Coinpayments)
  • Android Store
  • Apple Store
  • Sofort (Germany)
  • iDeal (Netherlands)
  • Other

Make an excellent deal, sign up now !

Note: You should connect your VPN now and check online if your IP is leaking !

Have a look online: or Surfshark

Browser recommendations for Android:

  • TOR Browser - Based on Firefox v91-ESR edition, doesn't leak your real IP.
  • Firefox Browser V101.2.0 - In Settings: Enable HTTPS-Only Mode ( In all tabs ), Delet browsing data on quit, Data collection should be set to OFF, Open links in apps should be disabled. Install uBlock Origin plugin. Tested for IPv6 leaks and do not leak your real IP-address.
  • Google Chrome - version  103.0.5060.129 did not leak the IP-address. Thus Chromium will not leak your IP-address either.

I recommend you use:

Tests were performed on a 500MBps network using WireGuard protocol Nov12, 2022:

* Star = Virtual location ! RED color means slow speed !

Country Server Max Download Speed Max Upload Speed
Albania Tirana 38,5MBps 18,7MBps
Algeria Algiers * 40,9MBps 37,8MBps
Andorra Andorra la Veila* 40,4MBps 41,4MBps
Argentina Buenos Aires* 41,0MBps 39,5MBps
Armenia Yerevan* 38,1MBps 42,8MBps
Australia Melbourne 36,2MBps 38,9MBps
Austria Vienna 40,5MBps 44,4MBps
Azerbaijan Baku 37,1MBps 2,51MBps
Bahamas Bahamas* Miami,FL 40,89MBps 14,7MBps
Bangladesh Dhaka* 38,8MBps 39,6MBps
Belgium Antwerp 40,0MBps 26,2MBps
Belize Belmopan* 40,0MBps 15,4MBps
Bhutan Thimpu* 0,00MBps 4,46MBps
Bolivia Sucre* 40,1MBps 31,9MBps
Bosnia & Herzegovina Bugojno 41,0MBps 9,42MBps
Brazil São Paulo 41,8MBps 45,9MBps
Brunei Begawan* 37,3MBps 40,4MBps
Bulgaria Sofia 40,9MBps 39,5MBps
Canada Vancouver 38,9MBps 11,6MBps
Chile Santiago* 40,6MBps 41,7MBps
Colombia Bogota 41,2MBps 24,8MBps
Cambodia Phnom Penh* 40,0MBps 39,6MBps
Costa Rica San Jose* 38,8MBps 30,9MBps
Croatia Zagreb 40,3MBps 16,4MBps
Cyprus Nicosia 39,3MBps 16,7MBps
Czech Republic Prague 37,8MBps 43,8MBps
Denmark Copenhagen 38,0MBps 37,3MBps
Ecuador Quito* 40,0MBps 40,3MBps
Egypt Cairo* 42,0MBps 42,9MBps
Estonia Tallinn 38,3MBps 6,35MBps
Finland Helsinki 29,3MBps 14,1MBps
France Paris 19,0MBps 37,5MBps
Georgia Tbilisi  38,2MBps 9,30MBps
Germany Frankfurt 40,0MBps 46,5MBps
Ghana Accra* 39,9MBps 45,5MBps
Greece Athens 38,2MBps 37,0MBps
Greenland Nuuk* 26,0MBps 45,4MBps
Hong Kong Hong Kong 37,3MBps 43,7MBps
Hungary Budapest 33,8MBps 34,0MBps
Iceland Reykjavik 10,6MBps 34,8MBps
India Delhi* 36,0MBps 12,3MBps
Indonesia Jakarta 36,8MBps 4,31MBps
Ireland Dublin 40,5MBps 46,7MBps
Isle of Man Douglas* 39,3MBps 46,3MBps
Israel Tel Aviv 38,7MBps 44,4MBps
Italy Milan 7,39MBps 45,4MBps
Japan Tokyo 39,0MBps 41,7MBps
Kazakhstan Oral 37,1MBps 19,6MBps
Laos Vientiane* 40,1MBps 42,0MBps
Latvia Riga 37,9MBps 45,0MBps
Liechtenstein Vaduz* 41,1MBps 29,5MBps
Lithuania Vilnius 39,5MBps 17,2MBps
Luxembourg Luxembourg 40,3MBps 48,6MBps
Macau SAR China Macao* 41,2MBps 35,4MBps
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 32,0MBps 18,1MBps
Malta Valleta* 34,4MBps 47,5MBps
Morocco Rabat* 40,2MBps 48,3MBps
Mexico Mexico City* 39,8MBps 23,1MBps
Moldova Chisnau 38,4MBps 26,4MBps
Monaco Monte Carlo* 41,3MBps 43,6MBps
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar* 34,6MBps 37,3MBps
Montenegro Podgorica* 41,4MBps 45,3MBps
Myanmar Naypidaw* 35,3MBps 37,0MBps
Nepal Kathmandu* 20,7MBps 40,8MBps
Netherlands Amsterdam 36,4MBps 1,36MBps
New Zealand Auckland 38,1MBps 39,7MBps
Nigeria Lagos* 41,0MBps 47,7MBps
North Macedonia Skopje 38,1MBps 36,5MBps
Norway Oslo 40,3MBps 44,0MBps
Pakistan Karachi* 38,4MBps 36,1MBps
Panama Panama* 35,5MBps 33,2MBps
Paraguay Asuncion* 39,4MBps 35,8MBps
Peru Lima* 37,1MBps 19,0MBps
Philippines Manila* 38,8MBps 41,1MBps
Poland Warsaw 41,1MBps 5,60MBps
Portugal Lisbon 41,4MBps 18,1MBps
Puerto Rico San Juan* 38,9MBps 30,7MBps
Romania Bucharest 34,9MBps 35,0MBps
Saudi Arabia Riyadh* - -
Serbia Belgrade 39,9MBps 44,1MBps
Singapore Singapore 39,2MBps 27,3MBps
Slovakia Bratislava 39,5MBps 19,5MBps
Slovenia Ljubjana 35,7MBps 20,6MBps
South Africa Johannesburg 38,2MBps 39,6MBps
South Korea Seoul 35,6MBps 11,6MBps
Spain Madrid 42,8MBps 7,17MBps
Sri Lanka Colombo* 39,9MBps 28,6MBps
Sweden Stockholm 38,2MBps 45,2MBps
Switzerland Zurich 34,6MBps 38,4MBps
Taiwan Taichung City 4,62MBps 22,1MBps
Thailand Bangkok 34,0MBps 1,04MBps
Turkey Istanbul 40,0MBps 40,03MBps
Ukraine Kyiv 37,4MBps 31,6MBps
United Arab Emirates Dubai 34,0MBps 23,2MBps
United Kingdom London 37,1MBps 44,7MBps
United States Seattle 37,8MBps 30,7MBps
United States Ashburn,VA 41,9MBps 45,0MBps

This is by far the most complete Android VPN I have tested and am currently using and I strongly recommend you do the same, to ensure your communications and files are safe.

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