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Surfshark VPN Review 2023

Surfshark VPN Review 2023.

SurfShark VPN is a wise choice for clients that are looking for things like privacy, torrenting ( on selected servers ) with unlimited bandwidth and no restrictions, plus after their recent upgrade from 1GBps ports to 10GBps, you will notice a difference in download speeds on some locations.

The VPN is also perfect for both companies and households with many devices, since you are allowed to install the VPN on an unlimited number of computers, smartphones, tablets and it is very stable.

The VPN recently won the award "Virtual Private Network Solution of the Year” in the prestigious "6th annual CyberSecurity Breakthrough awards" and also updated their Linux app to V1.2 with a much needed Killswitch feature and fixed the IPv6 leaks.

Latest software version:V1.30-1616

What's new:

  • V1.30 for Linux. They fixed the connection error while switching to other countrys. Now you can change location, without having to restart your computer.
  • New installation method: No-longer a .deb package, but instead a .sh-script. See updated installation instructions below!

What is new for 2023:

Surfshark VPN was audited by "Deloitte" between 21 November and 02 December 2022 confirming their no-logs promise.

Deloitte is one of the Big four auditing firms and they said: “Based on the procedures performed and the evidence obtained, in our opinion, the configuration of IT systems and management of the supporting IT operations is properly prepared, in all material respects, in accordance with Surfshark’s description of its no-logs policy.” Read their complete report here.

What else is new in 2023 is the "Dynamic Multi-hop feature", which differs from the old MultiHop that offers a limited list of pre-set server duos. Now you can choose from more than 100 server country locations. Besides total customizability, Dynamic MultiHop will give you better security and will improve your speed. Read more here.

CNET awarded Surfshark as the Best Value VPN in 2022:

CNET’s Editors’ Choice for Best Value VPN in 2022.  Check out this article about Surfsharks CNET award.

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More servers added: Ghana, Saudi Arabia and Puerto Rico.

SurfShark is located in the Netherlands which participates in the Nine Eyes and Fourteen Eyes intelligence sharing alliances.It was earlier located in British Virgin Islands, but for business reasons they moved to the Netherlands in 2021.

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Besides this you get the possibility to unblock Netflix, Disney and others in several regions including, but not limited to.

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Server locations:

Surfshark Server locations

The company merged with NordVPN Feb 02, 2022, blog post here.

Surfshark VPN has completed three independent security audits:

  • November 2018 an audit tested their Chrome and Firefox extensions. ( PDF )
  • In April 2021 Surfshark server, VPN configuration, as well as the related infrastructure was audited. ( PDF )
  • November 21 to December 02, 2022. ( PDF )

SurfShark Features:

  • The network has 3200+ servers distributed across an impressive 110+ locations in 100 countries.
    All servers uses RAM-only ( No SSD or HDD )
  • No logs policy ( They do not keep logs, data, timestamps, or any other kind of information )
  • 10Gbps server ports are added as of January 2023.
  • P2P on selected servers ( Fast downloads ).
  • Private DNS on each server.
  • Two-factor authentication
  • All apps employs a smart algorithm that automatically selects the optimal server and settings.
  • AES-256-GCM encryption
  • WireGuard
  • OpenVPN ( TCP/UDP )
  • IKEv2 ( Only available in Android version ) was removed from Windows app.
  • Multihop - Use two different VPN servers at once for increased security.
  • Kill switch to protect you if the VPN connection drops. ( Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux. )
  • Bypasser - Choose apps, URLs, or IPs to bypass the VPN or to use only with a VPN. ( Windows )
  • NoBorders mode - A proprietary solution to bypass severe network restrictions.
  • Camouflage Mode, commonly known as obfuscation, makes VPN traffic look like any regular traffic.
  • CleanWeb for blocking malware & phishing attempts. ( blocks 1,000,000+ known-malicious websites )

So why choose SurfShark?

  • Easy to install and use, because their software comes with a GUI
  • Strong security and privacy.
  • It doesn't support IPv6 protocol.
  • Support for most operating systems and devices.
  • Unlimited "Devices" and simultaneous connections. ( Stands out )
  • WireGuard support for enhanced performance.
  • High speed across the network.
  • A large network with many advanced features.
  • Good streaming and torrenting performance.
  • Interesting add-on features.
  • Excellent price and 30 day money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied.
  • Strong support with 24/7 live chat ( works like a charm )
  • To keep their users informed about government action to force Surfshark to disclose personal data about their users, the company maintains a "Warrant Canary" here.

Supported Linux systems:

  • Debian 11 or higher
  • LMDE5 or higher
  • Linux MINT 20 or higher
  • ParrotOS 5 or higher
  • UBUNTU 20.04 or higher

Payment methods to choose from:

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Crypto (Coingate and Coinpayments)
  • Android Store
  • Apple Store
  • Sofort (Germany)
  • iDeal (Netherlands)
  • Other

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How to install SurfShark 2023:

Download and install the app.

First download the .sh-file from here.

Open a terminal window:

cd Downloads

Press Enter.

Note: First you must make the .sh file executable.

chmod +x

Press Enter,

Now to install the actual software, type the following in a terminal window:


Press Enter and the installation will begin.

The script will automatically add surfshark GPG-key and run the following commands:

+ sudo tee /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/surfshark.asc
+ echo deb stretch main
+ sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/surfshark.list
+ deb stretch main
+ sudo apt-get update
+ sudo apt-get install -y surfshark

Surfshark was successfully installed.

Find the icon under Accessories ( Surfshark ).

To login: Use email and password

This is how it looks when you are connected:

Surfshark App connected to VPN

This is how it looks when your IP no longer leaks:

IP verify

Note: I removed the IP-addresses from the screenshots.

It is recommended to use:

Note:Restricted means you can't access some sites due to Firewall blocks and No- Virtual locations tested on Surfshark !!!

Tests are being performed using UDP, TCP and WireGuard protocol on a 500MBps network 2023:

Notice the bold text were tested on March 30th, 2023. For most people high download speed is most important ! If text is not bold, that means WireGuard did not work on that location when this test was performed on March 30th, 2023 !!!

Country Protocol Max Download Speed Max Upload Speed
Albania - Tirana UDP 211.02MBps (76.95MBps) 43,48MBps (85.67MBps)
Albania - Tirana TCP 9.88MBps 15.56MBps
Albania - Tirana WireGuard (80.17MBps) (87.77MBps)
Australia - Sydney UDP 153.91MBps (127.78MBps) 20.30MBps (25.34MBps)
Australia - Sydney TCP 7.54MBps 10.90MBps
Australia - Sydney WireGuard (5.75MBps) (120.30MBps)
Austria - Vienna UDP 196.15MBps (78.02MBps) 78.01MBps (82.14MBps)
Austria - Vienna TCP 12.27MBps 17.50MBps
Austria - Vienna WireGuard (84.95MBps) (89.14MBps)
Belgium - Brussels UDP 205.30MBps (85.17MBps) 67.41MBps (78.86MBps)
Belgium - Brussels TCP 7.64MBps 17.14MBps
Belgium - Brussels WireGuard (83.62MBps) (87.83MBps)
Bosnia & Herzegovina UDP 99.45MBps (72.76MBps) 13.84MBps (19.20MBps)
Bosnia & Herzegovina TCP 10.36MBps 3.05MBps
Bosnia & Herzegovina WireGuard (85.00MBps) (83.07MBps)
Brazil - Sao Paulo UDP 249.86MBps (88.67MBps) 169.34MBps (88.86MBps)
Brazil - Sao Paulo TCP 174.08MBps 157.20MBps
Brazil - Sao Paulo WireGuard (88.78MBps) (89.14MBps)
Bulgaria - Sofia UDP 198.41MBps (251.05MBps) 42.36MBps (33.02MBps)
Bulgaria - Sofia TCP 11.61MBps 15.69MBps
Bulgaria - Sofia WireGuard (422.41MBps) (74.38MBps)
Canada - Montreal UDP 246.10MBps (85.44MBps) 3.86MBps (5.03MBps)
Canada - Montreal TCP 17.89MBps 0.40MBps
Canada - Montreal WireGuard (74.88MBps) (49.66MBps)
Canada - Toronto ( New York ) U.S! UDP 136.70MBps (87.07MBps) 76.77MBps (86.34MBps)
Canada - Toronto TCP 18.53MBps 17.92MBps
Canada - Toronto WireGuard (82.09MBps) (88.98MBps)
Canada - Vancouver UDP 202.60MBps (23.55MBps) 40.87MBps (8.12MBps)
Canada - Vancouver TCP 7.03MBps 18.00MBps
Canada - Vancouver WireGuard (86.37MBps) (89.08MBps)
Colombia UDP 108.70MBps 26.70MBps
Colombia TCP 18.75MBps 18.88MBps
Colombia WireGuard    
Croatia UDP 115.56MBps 14.01MBps
Croatia TCP 7.29MBps 0.00MBps
Croatia WireGuard    
Cyprus UDP 159.57MBps 32.52MB
Cyprus TCP 13.06MBps 14.94MBps
Cyprus WireGuard    
Czech Republic UDP 157.41MBps 24.45MBps
Czech Republic TCP 13.60MBps 16.71MBps
Czech Republic WireGuard    
Denmark UDP 165.10MBps 19.58MBps
Denmark TCP 15.98MBps 5.35MBps
Denmark WireGuard    
Estonia UDP 129.84MBps 65.44MBps
Estonia ( Finland ) Helsinki !!! TCP 16.81MBps 16.33MBps
Estonia WireGuard    
France Bordeaux UDP 264.63MBps 62.94MBps
France Bordeaux TCP    
France Bordeaux WireGuard    
France Marseille UDP 259.91MBps 45.64MBps
France Marseille TCP 9.66MBps 17.92MBps
France Marseille WireGuard    
France Paris UDP 204.51MBps 50.01MBps
France Paris TCP 11.05MBps 18.05MBps
France Paris WireGuard    
Georgia UDP 137.44MBps 19.29MBps
Georgia TCP 10.83MBps 13.81MBps
Georgia WireGuard    
Germany Berlin UDP Not connecting  
Germany Berlin TCP Not connecting  
Germany Berlin WireGuard Not connecting  
Germany Frankfurt Am Main UDP 243.28MBps 57.93MBps
Germany Frankfurt Am Main TCP 13.23MBps 18.61MBps
Germany Frankfurt Am Main WireGuard    
Hong Kong UDP 169.41MBps 27.51MBps
Hong Kong TCP 7.60MBps 6.26MBps
Hong Kong WireGuard    
Hungary UDP 193.07MBps 65.32MBps
Hungary TCP 11.71MBps 14.75MBps
Hungary WireGuard    
Iceland UDP 179.78MBps 82.78MBps
Iceland TCP 10.78MBps 15.55MBps
Iceland WireGuard    
Indonesia UDP 163.25MBps 12.48MBps
Indonesia TCP 7.74MBps 10.77MBps
Indonesia WireGuard    
Ireland UDP 174.00MBps 26.03MBps
Ireland TCP 16.84MBps 18.77MBps
Ireland WireGuard    
Israel UDP 120.94MBps 39.88MBps
Israel TCP 10.68MBps 12.54MBps
Israel WireGuard    
Italy Milan UDP 123.92MBps 54.96MBps
Italy Milan TCP 5.61MBps 18.02MBps
Italy Milan WireGuard    
Italy Rome UDP 107.25MBps 24.61MBps
Italy Rome TCP 15.69MBps 17.71MBps
Italy Rome WireGuard    
Japan UDP 86.60MBps 37.17MBps
Japan TCP 13.77MBps 14.47MBps
Japan WireGuard    
Kazakhstan UDP 91.25MBps 10.68MBps
Kazakhstan TCP 5.09MBps 12.41MBps
Kazakhstan WireGuard    
Latvia UDP 120.36MBps 40.51MBps
Latvia TCP 15.11MBps 16.02MBps
Latvia WireGuard    
Lithuania UDP 111.25MBps 34.96MBps
Lithuania TCP 15.45MBps 15.64MBps
Lithuania WireGuard    
Luxembourg UDP 127.39MBps 52.62MBps
Luxembourg TCP 22.68MBps 6.92MBps
Luxembourg WireGuard    
Malaysia UDP 70.56MBps 8.00MBps
Malaysia TCP 5.84MBps 1.39MBps
Malaysia WireGuard    
Moldova UDP 103.11MBps 23.09MBps
Moldova TCP 3.18MBps 0.29MBps
Moldova WireGuard    
Netherlands UDP 117.29MBps 11.88MBps
Netherlands TCP 13.13MBps 3.26MBps
Netherlands WireGuard    
New Zealand UDP 152.86MBps 31.51MBps
New Zealand TCP 7.23MBps 10.12MBps
New Zealand WireGuard    
North Makedonia UDP 113.69MBps 17.66MBps
North Makedonia TCP 4.27MBps 1.06MBps
North Makedonia WireGuard    
Norway UDP 167.06MBps 14.51MBps
Norway TCP 13.60MBps 0.00MBps
Norway WireGuard    
Poland Warzaw UDP 124.74MBps 51.14MBps
Poland Warzaw TCP 14.86MBps 15.52MBps
Poland Warzaw WireGuard    
Poland Gdansk UDP 112.29MBps 41.13MBps
Poland Gdansk TCP 13.14MBps 5.60MBps
Poland Gdansk WireGuard    
Portugal Lisbon UDP 118.81MBps 61.84MBps
Portugal Lisbon TCP 11.11MBps 12.53MBps
Portugal Lisbon WireGuard    
Romania UDP  - Not connecting  
Romania TCP  - Not connecting  
Romania WireGuard  - Not connecting  
Serbia UDP - Not connecting  
Serbia TCP - Not connecting  
Serbia WireGuard - Not connecting  
Singapore UDP 55.99MBps 36.73MBps
Singapore TCP - Not connecting  
Singapore WireGuard - Not connecting  
Slovakia UDP 185.61MBps 18.36MBps
Slovakia TCP - Not connecting  
Slovakia WireGuard - Not connecting  
Slovenia UDP Working Working
South Africa UDP 190.43MBps 49.60MBps
South Africa TCP 10.01MBps 13.53MBps
South Africa WireGuard    
South Korea UDP 49.02MBps 4.57MBps
South Korea TCP 6.12MBps 0.47MBps
South Korea WireGuard    
Spain Barcelona UDP 241.72MBps 40.47MBps
Spain Barcelona TCP 20.33MBps 9.72MBps
Spain Barcelona WireGuard    
Spain Madrid UDP 221.09MBps 44.03MBps
Spain Madrid TCP 13.37MBps 19.58MBps
Spain Madrid WireGuard    
Spain Valencia UDP 173.81MBps 44.41MBps
Spain Valencia TCP 19.25MBps 27.05MBps
Spain Valencia WireGuard    
Sweden Stockholm UDP 140.37MBps 74.09MBps
Sweden Stockholm TCP 5.21MBps 0.00MBps
Sweden Stockholm WireGuard    
Switzerland UDP 189.61MBps 32.17MBps
Switzerland TCP 11.55MBps 3.33MBps
Switzerland WireGuard    
Taiwan UDP 97.65MBps 26.37MBps
Taiwan TCP 2.41MBps 12.50MBps
Taiwan WireGuard    
Thailand Bangkok UDP 88.05MBps 21.54MBps
Thailand Bangkok TCP 0.71MBps 3.94MBps
Thailand Bangkok WireGuard    
Turkey Istanbul UDP    
Turkey Istanbul TCP    
Turkey Istanbul WireGuard    
Ukraine UDP 167.73MBps 68.34MBps
Ukraine TCP 10.97MBps 14.97MBps
Ukraine WireGuard    
UAE UDP 188.76MBps 60.83MBps
UAE TCP 8.60MBps 5.36MBps
UAE WireGuard    
United Kingdom Edinburgh UDP 241.88MBps 38.17MBps
United Kingdom Edinburgh TCP 13.33MBps 17.93MBps
United Kingdom Edinburgh WireGuard    
United Kingdom Glasgow UDP 161.03MBps 23.50MBps
United Kingdom Glasgow TCP 17.28MBps 6.40MBps
United Kingdom Glasgow WireGuard    
United Kingdom London UDP 161.28MBps 36.39MBps
United Kingdom London TCP 11.57MBps 5.87MBps
United Kingdom London WireGuard    
United Kingdom Manchester UDP 206.30MBps 3.91MBps
United Kingdom Manchester TCP 12.51MBps 17.88MBps
United Kingdom Manchester WireGuard    
United States Ashburn, VA UDP 272.80MBps 70.78MBps
United States Ashburn, VA TCP 17.60MBps 23.47MBps
United States Ashburn, VA WireGuard    
United States Atlanta UDP 241.04MBps 15.97MBps
United States Atlanta TCP 19.80MBps 27.97MBps
United States Atlanta WireGuard    
United States Bend UDP 238.29MBps 63.08MBps
United States Bend TCP 13.71MBps 3.05MBps
United States Bend WireGuard    
United States Boston UDP 233.97MBps 65.98MBps
United States Boston TCP 18.05MBps 22.98MBps
United States Boston WireGuard    
United States Buffalo UDP 254.06MBps 52.27MBps
United States Buffalo TCP 21.44MBps 25.98MBps
United States Buffalo WireGuard    
United States Charlotte UDP 248.39MBps 44.48MBps
United States Charlotte TCP 18.39MBps 7.73MBps
United States Charlotte WireGuard    
United States Chicago UDP 235.57MBps 99.74MBps
United States Chicago TCP 16.84MBps 24.84MBps
United States Chicago WireGuard    
United States Dallas UDP 213.29MBps 40.13MBps
United States Dallas TCP 15.56MBps 21.64MBps
United States Dallas WireGuard    
United States Denver UDP 170.41MBps 34.76MBps
United States Denver TCP 17.29MBps 19.54MBps
United States Denver WireGuard    
United States Detroit UDP 133.93MBps 48.43MBps
United States Detroit TCP 19.45MBps 3.89MBps
United States Detroit WireGuard    

So what are the cons?

  • Slower download speeds than NordVPN.
  • They retain your device ID, like LGK11 or your Gigabyte motherboard and send an e-mail every time you login on a different device.
  • Their servers do store information about your connection to a particular VPN server (user ID and/or IP address and connection time stamps), BUT this information is automatically deleted within 15 minutes after termination of your session. You should read the Surfshark Privacy Policy.


  • Cheaper than NordVPN
  • No-logs.
  • Faster than Atlas VPN
  • Stable VPN, did not disconnect once during a 4-day trial.
  • Warrant Canary
  • Excellent 24h support team.

How to uninstall SurfShark:

sudo apt-get remove surfshark

Press Enter, done.

To see a list of all repositories as "root":

To view all lists in a terminal window:

cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

Press Enter.

You will see ( surfshark.list )

To open all lists in xed window tabs:

xed /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list

Press Enter.

To make sure you have completely removed the repo that was added, use Synaptic to search for and remove any remaining files.