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Sweden Wants Total Chat Access Control Online 2023

Sweden Wants Total Chat Access Control Online 2023.

EU Commissioner Ylva Johansson (S) and Minister of Justice Gunnar Strömmer (M) both want to implement what is called "Chat control", which means they want even greater possibilities for online monitoring of all Swedish citizens.

The current Swedish Nazi and overly racist government and the largest opposition party, the Social Democrats, are super animated about the proposal, which if passed into legislation, would mean that everything, passing through cloud services, social media and encrypted chat messaging services like WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal - must be read and analyzed by the company staff behind the services.

Everyone who isn't doing anything illegal ( which is most people ) should be very worried, giving strangers access to everything they say and do across all your social media accounts and sharing their login details.

Do you want to the government to know how many Tinder dates you been on, read your sexting, looking at potential nudes etc.

"Not even East Germany's security police, the Stasi, had surveillance at this level," says Stefan Axelsson, professor of digital forensics and cyber security at Stockholm University, to SVT about Chat control.

Their reasoning behind this is to find and put away pedophiles, which is all good if that was the real case.

This is just a cover story for total dictatorship surveillance of its citizens, nothing but pure bullshit. It is easy for any mediocre hacker to find pedophiles or slavers on the Darkweb and identify the persons behind it, but the problem is law enforcement don't allow them to help.

By the looks of the photos of the named politicians behind this proposal, they should instead propose to invest in a health program, focusing on "loosing a lot of weight", a healty diet, gym and other exercises.

Sweden's Nazi partys want to introduce control functions that both limit citizens' opportunities for privacy and make it more difficult for reporters to do their jobs.

A lot have happened in recent years, including, for example, "secret data reading", a new espionage law that required a constitutional amendment, secret means of coercion, criminal provocation and anonymous witnesses, secret wiretapping without criminal suspicion, wiretapping of children, revocation of broadcasting licenses for media whose broadcasts pose a "danger to Sweden's security" and " terror laws' which restrict freedom of press and expression and criminalize support for freedom movements.

These are only a few things, but all related to yours and your family's online safety.

This "Chat Control" is also being discussed on EU level. However some governments like Germany and the Netherlands, among others, are still saying NO to Chat control.

But, if for some reason they would decide to change for "YES", no citizen of EU would be able to oppose it.

Anyone who believes that what is intercepted, monitored and documented will not leak online and end up in the wrong hands is astonishingly naive and downright stupid.

You need to prepare yourself and protect your family against the domestic threat, that is your current government.

Study network, OPSEC, encryption and programming to begin with and get rid of Windows, buy a Ghost phone or a de-Googled smartphone, spoof your location and always use a VPN located outside Sweden.

First published 16/04/2023.

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