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Woman Employed At Swedish Attunda District Court Leaked Information

Woman Employed At Swedish Attunda District Court Leaked Information.

A clerk at the Attunda district court, was charged on Friday the 10th of November, 2023 for having intentionally disclosed information from the district court about secret coercive measures.

The woman let the person who was directly or indirectly the subject of the information to which the disclosure relates to, have a look inside their systems.

You would think that the clerk should have known, she was always under secret surveillance by hidden police cameras. All district courts in Sweden have these hidden cameras installed.

Sweden has as most of you should know, by now legalized the use of Malware, or using wordplay "Secret means of coercion".

It would not be a surprise if "SAPO" the frogs have installed both cameras and microphones in their homes as well as spyware on their devices.

For a couple of months, we have conducted very intensive investigative work, which has led to this indictment, said chief prosecutor Per Nichols.

The indictment:

The woman is charged with gross breach of confidentiality, gross data breach, breach of confidentiality and data breach.

The police became suspicious when several people who were subject to secret coercive measures in the area of Sollentuna, Stockholm began to act in a different way. This made them suspect an internal leak, which then lead them to Attunda District Court.

In the investigation, we have used secret means of coercion. Both phone tapping, secret data reading and secret camera surveillance, says Per Nichols, chief prosecutor at the Special Prosecutor's Chamber and continues: This has led us to believe that we have a solid foundation.

Based on the woman's mobile phone, the preliminary investigation also shows that she must have taken pictures of secret documents on her mobile phone when she was in the district court. These must have then been forwarded using the app Snapchat.

According to the indictment, she also let the man access the courts system from her home twice in 2023.

During the summer and autumn, woman has made various searches on the internet about "secret means of coercion, phone seized" and "convicted for breach of confidentiality", which was left in her search history.

Not once, did she think of searching for "how to clean your computer" and secure alternatives to using Snapchat, stupid, stupid....

The prosecution believes this strengthens their thesis that the woman was well aware of the crimes she is being indicted for and how long she will be in prison.

NOTE: I would say she gets the maximum possible, since the government is involved it is 100% sure.

A preliminary date is set for November 22nd and 23rd, 2023.

During this time she has been set free awaiting judgement December 7th, 2023. According to Dagens Juridik.

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