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  • Falkon Web Browser For Linux

    Falkon Web Browser For Linux

    Falkon Web Browser For Linux. Falkon web browser is actually a KDE web browser using QtWebEngine rendering engine, previously known as QupZilla.

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Sweeper System Cleaner

Sweeper System Cleaner.

Sweeper system cleaner helps to clean unwanted traces the user leaves on the system and is the default system cleaner for KDE.

With it you can clean unwanted traces of user activity on your system, protecting your privacy and reclaiming disk space by removing unused temporary files.

Besides this it can delete web-related traces such as cookies, history, cache, image thumbnails cache and it also cleans the applications and documents history.

Not as complete of a software solution as Bleachbit, but for those that don't need more in depth cleaning it works.

Sweeper system cleaner.

License: LGPL2.1+

Latest version: 23.04.3 2023-08-02

How to install via a terminal window:

This will install an older version: 20.12.0

sudo apt-get install sweeper

Press Enter, done.

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